Frequently Asked Questions

Yes I do. My local delivery area is all locations within the following postal codes. S12, S13, S20, S21, S25, S26, S43, S66, S80, S81

I can arrange same day delivery for a florists choice bouquet as long as I have your order before 11am. It is best to give me a few days notice if you prefer specific flowers though.

Yes I do. Most debit and credit cards are accepted.

I don't deliver flowers without prior payment unless you've been a regular customer for a while and I know you.

Yes I do. My delivery service is a specialised hand delivery with our own van and driver. We have wages, fuel and insurance to pay for which is what the delivery charge covers. It is a fair amount depending where the delivery is going to.

We knock and wait for the recipient to answer the door. If they're not answering, we will look for a safe place to leave them, either with a neighbour or a in the porch way. If the weather is bad or the temp too hot, or too cold, we will bring them back and leave a calling card so they know we've been. We can then rearrange delivery.

Yes I do. I ensure that I only supply the best quality flowers possible. I guarantee they will last for 7 days. They usually last alot longer, but occasionally things can go wrong, so please contact me within 7 days of receiving the flowers. Photographs may be required and flowers must be returned for a refund or for replacement. I would much rather someone let me know if there's a problem, than not.

Yes I do. I can arrange delivery of funeral flowers to ALL funeral directors in Sheffield, Rotherham, Worksop and Chesterfield areas, usually around 2 hours before the funeral.

Yes I can. I've been making 3d, 2d tributes for 35 years and every one a unique design. As an example, I've made a sewing machine, pool table, horse, chair, motorbike, sports car, pint of beer, dart board, Carp Fish on a bank, a spaniel dog, tractor, caravan, logos, footballs, rugby balls, mannequin, champagne bottle all in 3D, so you can see all the way round them. Other unique designs can be made in 2D so are made on a flat board, but with definition.

Yes I do. This is an especially sensitive time and I am here to help as much as I possibly can. I provide a safe, quiet space to talk in private and help you find the perfect flowers for your little one. Toys, ribbons and photo's can be incorporated into the flowers if you would like.

Yes I can arrange this with you. Sometimes devastating news can stop us being able to go out. So, under these circumstances, we can arrange an appointment for either me to visit the family or the family come to my studio if they are able to. I've helped many families under tragic circumstances, by taking the time to guide them. We will often talk about the person who has passed, and memories of their character will come through, thereby helping us choose suit flowers for the perfect tribute.

I've done this on several occasions. I've sometimes made small arrangements or Posies for each family member to have the day after the funeral. This is
a lovely idea to put the flowers next to a photograph of your loved one. Ask me for information and prices when ordering funeral flowers.

I can help you with whatever tribute you're looking for in artificial flowers. We'll have a chat, look at different options and I'll then provide you with a price.

Yes I do. I absolutely love weddings and have recently won the 2020 I do magazine wedding awards for Best wedding florist in Yorkshire, Humberside and East Midlands.

It really depends on the time of year, flowers chosen and size of the bouquets. I can send you a budget price after having a chat with you about your wedding flowers idea's. If you would like to go ahead, I'd then send you a formal quotation for you to sign and return as acceptance of your order.

When you book your wedding with me, I ask for a booking fee of 50% of the total cost. The final balance is due 2 weeks before your wedding when we have the final consultation.

Yes, of course you can. I prefer wedding couples to come and see their flowers the day before the wedding, then we still have time to adjust anything if necessary.

Yes of course I can. It's your special day and I'm here to help you have the best day possible with your chosen flowers. Every wedding is so important for me to ensure that you are happy, no matter how small! The smallest wedding flowers I ever made, was a brides posy and a buttonhole.

I have helped over 60 wedding couples in 2020 with postponed weddings. I've rearranged some weddings up to 5 times. I'm here to help as much as I possibly can, to ensure your day runs as smoothly as possible.

No, I provide everything required, so just relax and enjoy your day.

Yes I can. There are so many different qualities available, so depending on what you're looking for, I'll try my best to help you. If you're looking for a certain design, just let me have a picture and I'll create this for you.

Yes I do. I normally run workshops to show people how to their own Christmas, Easter, Summer and Autumn wreaths. This last year has been a bit different though and we sold kits and did a video tutorial instead which was brilliant!

This is something I'm planning at the moment. I've got loads of ideas for artificial/ dried flower crown parties, or door wreaths. I would supply the kits, teach online and be available to answer questions or show close ups of how I'm making the item.

The last few years I've taught classes at Aston Hall Hotel and we've had a fab time. Music, food and created lots of lovely, unique masterpieces. However, Covid happened and we were unable to hold any this last year.

I can arrange to teach private classes or for a group of people if you wanted to. These are informal, fun and you'll always come away feeling amazed at your creation.