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Here to help you choose the perfect tribute.

At one of the most distressing times of our lives, making decisions about floral tributes seems like the last thing we want to have to consider. I am here to help you choose the perfect tribute, which is your last gift of love.

The floral tribute is really the last expression of our love for those who have recently departed our lives. We want to show how much we loved them, how much we cared and one of the ways to do this is with flowers.

Symbolically red roses are for love, however these may not be the right choice for you. I talk to the family about the person who has passed. What did they love? Were they into sports, gardening, clubbing and dancing? Were they elderly, young, a child? How did they pass? Did they have any favourite pastimes? All this information builds up a picture and gives me a sense of how to help the family by advising them of different tributes and even personalising them.

Coffin sprays are one of the most popular tributes and can be made in colours to reflect their personality, match football teams, or include personal items….ballet shoes have been included before in a gorgeous, soft pastels floral tribute, with delicate ribbons too.

Bespoke tributes are available and are totally unique – motorbikes, boats, a huge thistle, sewing machine , even a pool table – I’ve created 3D tributes that have then gone on to raise money at the wake afterwards or at a social club having gone on display.

If your family have experienced a tragic death, I have had years of experience I helping and supporting the bereaved and their family. I have helped children choose tributes for both their mum and dad, where we have even included personal drawings made by the children and even included hand made butterflies to incorporate into the tribute.

I have a showroom and workroom where you are welcome to make an appointment to discuss the tributes in private with me. I deliver funeral flowers to all funeral directors in Rotherham, Sheffield, Chesterfield and Worksop area’s and liaise with them to ensure all tributes are delivered in plenty of time. I even send you photographs too, so you have memories forever.



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Coffin spray prices will be quoted individually depending on te flowers used;

3ft from £100 to £175 

4ft from £175 to £250

5ft from £195 to £295

6ft from £295 to £400

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