BROTHER lettering

This is a beautiful *BROTHER letters tribute in seasonal colours. You can choose any colour scheme you like.

This tribute can also be made with ribbon edge and blocked white flowers and clusters. I made one recently from a little girl and boy for their Brother and they wanted pink letters and blue letters. It was absolutely beautiful and so personal to the family.

  • BROTHER, BRO, BRUV, BRUH, BUB  as other examples are all available at around £50 per letter.

If you need any help at all regarding this tribute, colours or certain flowers, just give me a call or use the contact form on the website.

Letters usually are from £50 each, but depending on the time of year and flowers requested, may vary from the price shown.

If you would prefer to collect your order, please tick the collection box at checkout. I’ll contact you to arrange a time. Thanks Julie.